Once upon a time… our story

Once upon a time… our story

SimoneThere was a Dutch health scientist, named Simone. She always wanted to live abroad for a while. But life developed differently; she and her family settled down in The Netherlands. Despite happy times, she felt restless after 10 years. She wanted a change! Having said that, her wish came true: the family was off to Tallinn, Estonia! But this was only the beginning; Simone aimed for a career in design with a social goal. To get there, she decided to talk to as many people as she could.Then she found what she was looking for: Feltive. Soon, Simone and Feltive-designer Eva discovered their mutual vision: Making products that positively influence the wellbeing of others. Now, they develop educational playing material together. Hopefully, for many years to come!

Brilliant boredom for kids

Sorry. This item will not inform you about another new toy or kids-activity. On the contrary. We ask your attention for something that is free and waiting for your children, right on the shelf! It is called boredom! Kids need to be bored more often. Boredom provides an inner quiet, enabling children to hear themselves and to become self-aware. By being bored, imaginative and creative processes will come up. These will stimulate your child’s new interests! So, next time that your young family member is bored, don’t give ready made solutions or a screen to watch. Just wait and enjoy your child’s new ideas! *Source: World Economic Forum Video: Want to be a great parent? Let your children be bored. https://www.facebook.com/worldeconomicforum/videos/10153855961346479

Cubes building

Happy customer!

You may not know, but the Feltive-team is a very curious one. Our designer and scientific spirit thrive us to understand the world around us, so we can make it a bit better. Thus, understanding our customers is a big thing for us. Any feedback from you makes us happy! Like the comment of Vladka, who wrote: “Hi, I think it is a good idea to use this felt material for Feltive! It is good for the way of constructing, it is washable and safe!” Thanks for sharing your thoughts and picture, Vladka!

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