Creative thinking for kids!

Creative thinking for kids!

Feltve promotes creative thinking for kids in a new way! Not by stacking hard plastic or wooden blocks, but by folding the squared modules of this felt toy into cool shapes! With Feltive, kids create safe toys while practicing their fine motor skills and spatial planning.

Do you want to know how the idea of Feltive came to life? Read on!

Once upon a time….our story


There was an Estonian-Hungarian designer, called Eva. As a little girl she used everything she could lay her hands on to create clothes for dolls. Unfortunately, as a teenager she was sent to a scientific school which made her very sad. What could she do with all those theories? Luckily, Eva was a headstrong girl. She told her mom that she wanted to go to the art academy instead. There, happily playing with fabric again, she decided to show others how fun it was. So, she went to a kindergarten and developed, together with the teachers, a fabric to play with. It was called Feltive. And ever since, many children have played with the textile toy and have created the most beautiful shapes.

Happy customer!

We love to make nice products for you. It excites us and makes us feel good. But what really boosts our energy is a message from a happy customer, like from Ulrike: “Dear Feltive team, I just want to let you know that  I recently bought Feltive for our kids. And they are loving it!!! It is really a great toy for kids! “ Thanks, Ulrike!

What’s new?!

Creative thinking for kids

Our brand new Feltive webshop is open!

With Feltive children in the age of 5 and older can invent their own felt toy! A versatile toy for your child or as giveaway for family and friends! Visit our webshop at

School, homework, sports, cultural activities, social media. Nowadays, kids are just as busy as their moms and dads! Not surprising that “Body and Mind” is one of the three toy trends for 2017. New products, like the Gonge Roller or the Yoga Spinner, will help children to reset physically as well as mentally through play, exercise and supporting creativity. On the other hand: Why wait for these products? Having daily 60 minutes of outdoor fun with your kids will keep them (and you) fit and healthy! Source: The Global Toy News 1;2017.

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