What is Feltive?

Feltive is a new way for children to explore their creativity with felt modules made of recycled fibres.

Connect the felt modules until you invent your own soft toy.
Surprise yourself. Recycle waste in quality play time.

How it works?

Fold the module’s round corner together.
Pull it through an opening at any sharp corner.
Find new possibilities by bending the modules double, straight or diagonally.

Play around and find new shapes.
Feel it, fold and explore.

Feltive inventions

12 modules / 3 colors

Our Story

The founders of Infelt, designer Eva and health scientist Simone met in Tallinn, both looking for a way to positively influence the wellbeing of others. Design of educational playing material turned out to be the key. After all, playing contributes to the well being of people of any age or capacity.
To get the best fit between product and the person in need, Infelt co-creates products with health care experts, kindergarten and special need teachers. Transforming their needs into products. Helping them to teach, giving therapy or care.

Design process

Feltive was co-created with health care experts and kindergarten teachers. We took their opinions into account and adjusted Feltive according to their visions about the children’s needs. We chose to make the Feltive modules of recycled felt. Let’s share the value of recycling.

Find us in stores

Estonian Design House
Estonia pst. 9
Tallinn, Estonia

Saaremaa Kunstistuudio
Lossi 5
Kuressaare, Estonia

Tingeling Lelukauppa
Yrjönkatu 34
Helsinki, Finland


  • “The kids like to turn the Feltive modules into cubes and to use those in various creative games. Feltive develops the children’s motor skills, spatial thinking and stimulates their imagination. Felt is an unconventional material in construction toys. Therefore, playing with felt modules enriches the children’s tactile experience and supports development of senses.”

    Kerli Käärt, teacher at Anni Playschool

  • “Feltive brings our children positive emotions and offers ways to develop their eye and (two) hand coordination. Ready-built shapes create the opportunity for various games.”

    Teachers at Käo Basic School

  • “Children really enjoy building and playing with it. Feltive helps to develop imagination and is very useful for fine motor skills. It is a safe creative game that keeps children busy!"

    Teachers at Tallinn European School


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Co-founder and project manager

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